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Home materials business alliance wardrobe product quality bottleneck to crack
2016/3/10 13:15:46

With more and more investors to enterwardrobeIndustry, nowwardrobeMarket vicious competition behavior is visible, especially in terms of product quality, each year will hear complaints from consumers. Indeed, throughoutHome FurnishingMarket, product quality scandals broke out frequently, however, the gratifying is that many of the currentHome FurnishingMaterial manufacturers have already alliance, which means that the long-term obstacles to the quality of the wardrobe in the production process is expected to be cracked.

Raw materials do not pass home brand reputation damage

According to incomplete statistics, in 2015, quality inspection departments at all levels of substandard home brands in more than 500. Which many enterprises exposed quality scandal is not their own production technology is not good, the management level is not enough, but in raw material purchasing link errors. Due to the procurement of raw materials, low quality, leading to the production of poor quality products, was traced to substandard raw materials enterprises and there is no loss, brand enterprises face the market was dragged quality scandals, brand reputation is seriously damaged.

ensureWardrobe productsQuality ion of quality materials is the key

"The supply of raw materials and equipment is an important part of the upper reaches of China's domestic industry chain, and its quality and quality determine the grade and quality of the terminal household products." January 7th, the National Federation of industry and CommercefurnitureDecoration Industry Association executive president and Secretary General Zhang Chuanxi's words, the home products and raw materials between the pros and cons of sketched out at the same time, but also for the wardrobe enterprises provided the a wake up: if the enterprise wants to survive, and open up the upstream industry chain, to solve the quality problem of the product source is the key.

Material business alliance wardrobe enterprises to enhance product competitiveness

"We now advocate to build an enterprise ecosystem, and the supply chain is one of the very important part, if the supply chain problems, enterprises will be off the chain." A furniture chairman said that every enterprise to fight with the best materials and the best design and make the best products, and provide the best service, the lowest price to sell, to achieve this goal, seek the highest price suppliers is essential. Indeed, after all, the product is the root of all, good products not only need good production, but also need a good foundation,Home materialsBusiness alliance, really open up the upstream industry chain, in order to completely eradicate the problem of product quality in the home industry to explore a new way. For wardrobe business, it will also meet the needs of the current consumer demand for product quality.


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