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Wu Xiubo male god love back Chinese years leading brand of solid wood
2016/3/10 13:36:40

In January 10, 2016, Dick Home Furnishing Nanyang "extraordinary feast" business will be held in Xi'an. Nanyang Dick brand ambassador Wu Xiubo in person at the scene, this is Dick Nanyang Xiubo endorsement after making his debut in the ancient city of Xi'an. The annual meeting of the Nanyang Dick officially released two new flagship New Nordic fashion "solid wood furniture" Jin Mufan goods and Xinmei light luxury doctrine of solid wood furniture "Glendale". At the same time, the interpretation of the strategic development plan of Nanyang Dick in 2016.


A late bloomer, legendary actor Wu Xiubo; a focus on wood, legendary brand home - Nanyang Dick; in early 2016 go together, work together. From external to internal, from extension to intension, from experience to the spirit, universal love of the man of God, Wu and highly respected Dick Nanyang furniture brand walk to arrive together, officially became the global image spokesman brand Nanyang Dick.

Nanyang Dick 2016 is a very important year, because 2016 Nanyang Dick is eighteen years old. Mean Nanyang Dick adult, more powerful and more responsible, more mature, more confident. President Wu Fuxiang and Mr. Wu at the scene held a cooperation signing ceremony, Wu Xiubo elegance, fashion temperament and expression really my life attitude and Nanyang Dick home brand connotation coincide, this is Dick Nanyang hand Xiubo teacher.


Nanyang Dick vice president Hao Yan ladies at the annual meeting of the interpretation of the 2016 "win leading the future more than extraordinary" strategic planning, 2016 Nanyang dick from the brand, market, product, service the continue to strengthen the layout, continue to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. Nanyang Dick will be positioned in the whole high-end solid wood furniture experience service providers, and puts forward three years within the scale of some of the grand goal.


This annual meeting high specification. Annual meeting place not only in known as the leaders of the "Shaanxi Diaoyutai, reception Shaanxi Hotel, but also set up the red carpet part and rich elegant artistic performances, coupled with the national male god Xiubo ultra-high popularity, whole year will be called a star studded" Oswald card "ceremony.


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