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Half of the furniture store stolen 16 times
2016/3/10 13:15:23

Chinese News (reporter Kang Fei) recently, Huayin City, a furniture store half a month was stolen 16 times, more than 11 yuan in cash stolen. January 9th, the suspect was arrested by the police in Huayin.

December 16 last year, Mr. Liu to Huayin City Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station report, from the beginning of December to mid December last year just half a month, his furniture shop for stolen 16 times, a total of 11 million yuan.

After receiving the report, Police Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station of Huayin City cracked the case. After a large number of police investigation, police determined the furniture store staff Road, a major crime suspects, but in a way after the incident disappeared. Multi investigation by the police, the road to understand the emergence of an Internet cafe in Weinan. January 9th, the police will be arrested in an Internet cafe in Linwei district.

In front of a lot of evidence, Lu Mou account, he worked in the furniture store, has 16 times from the bar, office theft 11 Wan Yuyuan cash. Currently, the road has been Huayin police criminal detention, the case is being further processed.


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